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Individual Pricing & Information

DJ/Emcee- $1295.00 plus tax

The DJ/Emcee contract is for 6 hrs.  Ceremony music at no additional cost if at the same site as reception.  If you would like us to play ceremony music located at a different site, there is an additional charge.  Setup and tear down is done on our own time (not included in the 6 hours).  You have full control of your night, an example, a must play list or do not play list.  You will receive a planning sheet to fill out.  Your DJ will contact you within 4 weeks of your date to go over details with you from the planning sheet and any other details.

Royal Crown Photo Mirror- $900.00 plus tax

The Royal Crown Photo Mirror contract is a 4 hour contract.  The photo mirror includes, 1 attendant, a backdrop, props, and a USB drive.  We customize your 4x6 photo overlay. Each person who takes a photo that night will receive a physical print, up to a total of 5 prints.  You can also send out text messages of the picture taken that night as well at no additional cost.

Memory Scrapbook- $100.00 plus tax

The memory scrapbook will include a picture of every session taken that night at your event.  We customize the scrapbook per event.  You will receive the memory scrapbook within 2 weeks of your event.  We are unable to have them the night of your event.

Cold Sparks (set of 2)- $495.00 plus tax

The cold sparks come as a set of 2.  They shoot up to 16ft of white sparks throughout the air.  Cold sparks have no flammable elements in them.  Cold sparks are a new use to the wedding industry because of the lower temperature that the sparks come out at, (62 degrees), the lack of smoke, and also the lack of odor they have.  You will need to know if your venue allows cold sparks, there are some that do not.  These are great for your grand entrance, spotlight dances, and also for great photographer shots.

Projector & 80in Screen- $150.00 plus tax 

The projector  and screen are available to use throughout the night for a slideshow you have put together.

Additional Costs: Mileage is only charged if your venue is outside of 50 miles of Omaha.  Mileage is charged at .65 mile per contract. 
Payments: We require 10% down per contract (not per service) due at signing of contract.  The deposit is non-refundable and is applied directly to balance of contract. Remainder due 30 days prior to event.  Payments accepted anytime in any amounts from signing of your contract to 30 days prior to event.  We accept Venmo, Paypal, Check and Cash.  You receive an updated invoice for each payment received.

              Mailing address: PO BOX 4628 Omaha, NE 68104

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